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We are a company that provides expert technical services in the field of cyber security, this is not only our job, but our passion for almost 7 years, we are now trusted by many customers, including government companies and organizations, Among the important cases.

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Our Birthday

Our research team was established at the beginning of 2014 by an experienced IT security expert. As a result, the team has a management core that consists only of technicians in the field of cyber security, and the quality of services we provide is due to our long presence in the cybersecurity industry, setting up this team for us only to establish a Business is not for us, but it is our passion to spend our free time. We personally participate in or monitor projects so that quality is at its highest.

Our basic principle is to be honest with the customer, so we only focus on providing services in which we have a lot of experience and we can be sure that the final work received for the customer will be in accordance with her needs. For this reason, even the existence of this company for a short time has been trusted by many well-known companies and organizations such as international financial institutions, information technology, e-commerce, important infrastructure and government institutions.

Some Members of the Research Team

Afshin Fakhim

CO-Founder Unk9vvN and CEO Oxin Imen Nikrad

With 7 years of research experience, she has been able to work in specialized branches of offensive security, including penetration testing and red team and security of industrial control systems, and now manages such operations.

Ilya Keshtkar

Penetration Testing Team Manager

Over the course of a five-year period, she was able to become a researcher in the field of penetration testing by taking private courses on the unk9vvn team, and today she enjoys a good position by participating in CTF competitions.

Zahra Taifi

Security Review Team Manager

He focuses on the development of interception products and the detection of suspicious cases, and is responsible for defense strategies and the implementation of security control centers.

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