Privacy Policy

Who we are

Oxin Imen Nikrad Company is a company active in the field of advanced cybersecurity services that operates formally and legally in, Here You can see more complete identity information.

Which personal information do we collect and why?

By default, WordPress does not collect any personal information about visitors and only collects the information displayed on the profile page of the users who have registered. However, some of your plugins may collect personal information. You should add the relevant information below.


In case of creating comments from the users of the website, they should refrain from using any vulgar words or insulting and undocumented sentences.


Users are allowed to upload the image to their account and will not be allowed to upload any other items.


Included by plugins, social media and analytics. Included by plugins, social media and analytics. We have provided cookies that WordPress installs by default.


By default, WordPress does not collect any analytics data. However, many web hosting accounts collect some anonymous analytics data. You may also install a WordPress plugin that provides analytics services. In this case, add information from that plugin here.

Who do we share your information with?

The information contained in the users on the website will not be sent to any other organ or institution, and all information on the same website will be encrypted.

How long do we keep your information?

All the information of the registered users on the website will be kept forever and will not be deleted until they want it.

The rights you have over your data

Users, if they use the educational services of Oxin Imen Nikrad Company, have rights based on their educational records from us, and whenever they need to certify their degree, they can refer to their account profile.

Where do we send your data?

European data protection law requires data on European residents that are transferred outside the EU to be protected to the same standards as data in Europe. So in addition to the list that goes into the data, you have to figure out how to ensure that these standards are met by yourself or your third-party providers, through an agreement such as privacy shield, model terms in your contracts, or authorized law firms.


In case of any problems, users can get support from the website support using the email [email protected].

How we protect your information

The company’s website meets all security standards, including the use of Firewall Web Application, as well as browser-based mechanisms such as Security Content Policy, X-Content-Type-Options, Strict-Transport-Security, and Cookie security, as well as X-XSS-Protection and X-Frame. Option protects.

What information breach procedures are currently in place?

Oxin Imen Nikrad training system is intelligent and will monitor any malicious activity, as well as the Internet Identifier (IP) of the attackers will be recorded and documented and will be used in legal claims.

Industry legal disclosure requirements

All information published by the website is legally owned by Oxin Imen Nikrad Company and in case of illegal copier, this company considers its right to deal with the violator legally.