Do not underestimate defensive strategies

Defensive Operation

An organization always needs two components of defense services, and defense security is one of the components that is always needed in an organization. Will be a very powerful approach in the field of creating a security control center (SOC), for this purpose the management and control of defense and interception systems will be undertaken by water teams and specialized and professional monitoring of the collected data. Criminology and threat tracking teams will do.

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Defensive Observations
Research and Development

Digital Forensic

Early detection and rapid investigation are critical to repelling attackers and responding to threats. But countless warnings, insufficient information, and lack of visibility can keep you from doing these important things. This is where we come in. We offer a continuous 24-hour monitoring of IT resources, both in terms of cybersecurity (threat information and threat hunting) and rapid incident response (DFIR). We invite you to familiarize yourself with the SOC service as a service provided by the Security Operations Center (SOC) team.

Security Incident

Proper security of digital tracking allows in-depth analysis of the incident and allows you to determine the details of how the attacker occurred and what the operation was.

Identify Network Threats

Attackers often use ambiguity methods about communication channels with their command center that are not visible to network-level products.

Blue Team

For active protection, existing tests and security measures should be used to identify vulnerabilities and security audits should be fully established, as well as vulnerability assessments that will ensure the security of applications and intrusion testing operations will complement this process. Also, newer items such as: Examining cloud security and social engineering and red team simulations will be more specific about active protection.

Security assessments based on active vulnerability detection are also another area of active protection, meaning that the blue team must always update on published vulnerabilities and system reports.

Any problem can be part of the solution

The performance of the blue team alone can not show full performance against advanced attacks (APT), for this reason, in the engineering of the Security Control Center, purple team experts are always used to control and protect through organizational defense mechanisms. A team of experts at the red team level always controls and monitors systemic commands and actions.

Another useful part of the policy and strategy of defensive operations is that in the event of complex attacks such as infecting systems with ransomware, they can quickly reverse engineer and neutralize ransomware and do not need an external expert. Criminology can be very effective in establishing a security control center.

The integrated cyber defense architecture developed by CTI or Cyber Threat Intelligence can integrate all of our service organizations into attack indexes or IOCs, resulting in a comprehensive defense, as well as TTP mapping. Or Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures should be designed and the complete behavior of the attack occurred.

Offensive Solution

One of the solutions to increase the level of security in an organization is to implement various scenarios of advanced cyberattacks in a simulated way and using a combination of penetration testing expertise and red team we are able to assess all vulnerabilities and defects of defense security infrastructure. These assessments are based on the techniques that Advanced Persistent Threat teams use to anonymize and invisible their files, which allows the Security Control Center (SOC) to be evaluated to respond Predictable to a real attack. This can greatly help to recognize behavior of real attackers.

Bug Hunter

Bug hunters are always looking for vulnerabilities and focus on coding bugs, so using the potential of bug hunters, along with other security mechanisms, can be a good option for detecting holes that can be the core cause of a cyberattack. Bug bounty programs benefit from the same strategy, and companies take full advantage of the potential of bug hunters alongside all of their mechanisms. Our research team Strengthen itself by participating in CTF competition and bug bounty programs, therefore can provide a dedicated bug detection program to customers.


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