Having Cybersecurity in Cyberspace is not Easy

Advanced Services

Providing offensive and defensive cyber security services professionally and with the highest quality to domestic and foreign customers as well as private and government companies.

Independent Assessments

Independent evaluations can be based on the wishes of specific customers, for example identifying some Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) of Advanced Persistent Attacks.

Training Offerings

Provide dedicated and targeted training for Blue Teams. Because it can quickly inform them of the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures of the new advanced level attacks.

Operations Support

Our team members have worked closely with dozens of teams and are committed to sharing their experience with them, through technical support.

Cybersecurity Services

Research Activities


Publish Articles


Open Source Projects


Research Vulnerabilites


Participation in CTF

Unlimited Access Time

One of the features of our educational system is the possibility of access without time limit, which is possible to use to the general strata of society, including employees, students and those who cannot attend face-to-face training classes. Also, the access is 24/7 and the participants can enter the system whenever they want and receive their training through the intelligent guidance of the system and practice it operationally in the laboratory section.

Online Lab

All the courses have taken on an operational aspect through an online and completely native laboratory, all the practice challenges of the online laboratory are designed based on real scenarios that happened in the world and include a wide range of multi-stage challenges. Also, this system, having a dedicated counter, can provide complete and accurate statistical information about the activities of the participants in the course, the quality of the participants’ education can be fully checked.

Cheat Sheets

Training is provided based on a Learning Management System that guides users from zero to one hundred and will even set practical and written tests in the course in an intelligent manner. In addition, each course on the Gitbook page of the Unk9vvN research team will receive a dedicated instruction, and along with it, a dedicated checklist related to the course topics will also be provided.

Tools installer

In all the courses, the installer of tools will be designed and placed in the hands of the audience of the course in terms of providing a ready space of the tools needed to test and review the courses. An automatic installer designed for Linux operating systems and another for Windows operating systems, these tools cover all aspects of offensive and defensive security.

Cybersecurity Online Training

Unk9vvN Cybersecurity Group decided to create a comprehensive and complete online educational platform for the activists and those interested in these fascinating sciences in Iran and also in Middle Eastern countries due to the remarkable growth of cybersecurity sciences in the world. This educational platform has been developed with the best content quality and educational standards in the world, and it is supposed to operate in six key areas of penetration testing, red team, ics security, digital forensic, blue team and security audit.

Latest Blogs and Webinars

Some of our Customers

Offensive Simulation

One of the solutions to increase the level of security in an organization is to implement various scenarios of advanced cyberattacks in a simulated way and using a combination of penetration testing expertise and red team we are able to assess all vulnerabilities and defects of defense security infrastructure. These assessments are based on the techniques that Advanced Persistent Threat teams use to anonymize and invisible their files, which allows the Security Control Center (SOC) to be evaluated to respond Predictable to a real attack. This can greatly help to recognize behavior of real attackers.

Bug Hunter

Bug hunters always seek to discover vulnerabilities and focus on coding mistakes, so using the potential of bug hunters along with other security mechanisms can be a suitable option to discover holes that are the main cause of an attack. are cyber Bug bounty programs use the same strategy, and companies take full advantage of the potential of bug hunters in addition to all their mechanisms. Our research team always participates in CTF competitions and bug bounty programs. It strengthens itself in this field, so you can enter our bug discovery programs that are offered exclusively to customers.

Defensive Operation

One of the requirements of any organization is to use defensive solutions, it means that along with the deployment of defense services such as NIDS \ HIDS and EDR, the potentials of the experts should be used. Experts in the field of defense security are divided into the blue team and forensic. blue team experts set up, configure and monitor the defense mechanisms. The digital forensic team is a complementary that is responsible for threat hunting and gathering threat information. Another task of forensic teams is to perform reverse engineering, which neutralizes ransomware if used in the attack.

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