Penetration Testing and Security Assessments

Organizations make every effort to protect their critical Internet assets, but do not always systematically test their system defenses. Infiltration testing helps you to strengthen your security for these assets by accurately identifying vulnerabilities and incorrect settings in security systems, various types of security assessments such as internal / external infrastructure testing, application security review that includes web products, mobile Or the client server does.

  • The team of experts simulates real attackers targeting your high-risk cyber assets. Our in-depth understanding of advanced attacker behavior (APT) can help you.
  • Experts will determine for you if your important data is really compromised.
  • More than six operational areas are tested in penetration testing, each of which assesses a range of vulnerabilities. Each penetration test is performed according to international standards.
  • Infiltration testing and evaluation of infrastructure and software can be done from the perspective of an external attacker, meaning that the tester has no information about the system other than that which is publicly available.
  • No information is delivered about the client architecture and systems, no user accounts other than those that can be created by the attacker (e.g. by signing up for the program).
  • In addition to assessing the security of web and mobile applications, we also have the power to test desktop and server applications. We can provide security testing of programs written in C / C ++ / C # / Java and more for Windows Linux and OS X.

External Penetration Testing

At this stage, all running services are monitored on open network ports and are identified and evaluated as BlackBox security. This assessment covers a wide range of logical and binary vulnerabilities, according to NIST methods ( National Institute of Standards and Technology) and PTES Framework, we perform network infrastructure penetration testing (LAN / WAN / WLAN).

Internal Penetration Testing

In this type of evaluation, experts try to penetrate internal systems, based on techniques such as installing an external memory, engineering the collection staff, and on the other hand, the process of identifying incorrect configurations of operating systems and active services on them. Will also be examined, at this point all vulnerabilities of the operating system kernel and active components and Active Directory are examined in detail, as well as how the detection and defense mechanisms that have the process of counterattack work.

Web Applications

We provide web application security assessments in accordance with OWASP (Open Source Program Security Project) procedures, including OWASP Top 10 and OWASP ASVS (Application Security Verification Standard) provided by our experience. We do not limit ourselves to the vulnerabilities listed in OWASP, and our goal is to identify specific business vulnerabilities that could pose a real threat to the customer business and are often not detected by automated vulnerability scanners.

Mobile Applications

We evaluate mobile app security for iOS and Android operating systems. We based our approach on OWASP Mobile (Open Source Application Security Project), including OWASP Mobile Top 10 and OWASP MASVS (Mobile Application Security Verification Standard) which is enhanced by our experience in identifying vulnerabilities in mobile application , We put. Our consultants have experience in auditing mobile applications, including browsers, financial applications, and more.

Wireless Networks

WiFi Penetration Testing to test the security of on-site wireless networks. This goal is to enter a protected WiFi network and also increase the score on the guest network, which will eventually lead to an attack by wireless network users. Wireless security is also part of our red team service, which aims to carry out social engineering attacks against users via WiFi, for example by running a fake Access Point.

Internet of Things

Assess the security of your device by attempting to exploit vulnerabilities and exploit the embedded operating system, control the device by passing or injecting unwanted malicious commands, or altering data sent from the device. These tests include wireless communications such as using Bluetooth communications. Is a network, also the Debug Programming process directly by running JTAG on the device MCU.

Cloud Space

Entering cloud environments is often the result of improper service configuration. When assessing cloud security, we identify all potential threats to end users and cloud infrastructure owners. Cloud security assessment to detect security flaws and incorrect settings, which can be an attractive entry point for an attacker, as well as threat modeling of cloud projects so that you can have a quick overview of potential threats in your architecture.


Monitoring of interval text information on the Internet can reveal sensitive information recorded from customer services. There are several search engines in order to collect instantaneous information from the service and systems on the Internet, and this causes IP addresses. A real server is recorded and leaked before being included in the list of CDN services.

Red Teaming and Social Engineering