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Mobile Penetration Testing

$ 3.500/0.06469890

This course will cover both Android and iOS operating systems and will address all core-level binary vulnerabilities and application-level vulnerabilities, some operating system-level vulnerabilities such as Use After Free that occur in different drivers. The data will be reviewed and evaluated, as well as how to operate and bypass the operating system defense mechanisms that are implemented on ARM processors. Other vulnerabilities that occur at the application level will also be addressed.

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Category: Offensive Security
  1. The student agrees to comply with all the requirements listed on the course description page and is fully aware of and accepts the course prerequisites. He/She has also studied the topics of the course and has purchased the course with the knowledge of them, and after registering, he will not have any right to object to the topics and other sources of information used in the course.
  2. All the trainings provided in this course have been prepared and compiled only for scientific and educational purposes, so the student undertakes not to use these trainings in order to commit criminal acts in cyberspace, and Oxin Imen Nikrad Company does not take any responsibility for the misuse of these trainings. The student also undertakes not to publish the course resources and educational materials.
  3. This course is prepared in accordance with international standards, and at the end of the course, a certificate will be awarded to the student only based on the approval passing this course. The minimum passing score for the degree test is above 70. It is also the time given to solve practical challenges until the end of the course.
  4. The audience of this course is cyber security experts and computer students with a focus on secure computing and, of course, those interested in the field of cyber security. And this course has been compiled according to international standards with the aim of scientific advancement of hard-working and persistent audiences. It is hoped that it can be effective in the scientific progress of the country and play a role.
  5. The content of the course is completely indigenous and in case of any copying, Oxin Imen Nikrad Company reserves the right to sue and prosecute the violator.
  6. The student undertakes to be ready at the time of the meetings and to provide the necessary facilities to participate in the meeting. Also, the student is responsible for any absence and the student will not have the right to object to the teacher selected by the company.
  7. The minimum age of a student to participate in the course is 18 years. For this purpose, it is necessary to upload the national card image at the time of registration.
  8. The course fee will be received in one place and in installments at the time of registration. Student registration is possible after studying and accepting the course conditions, if the student cancels after the start of the course for any reason, no amount will be refunded.
  9. The content of the course will be in the form of online recorded videos and will be available to the students on the unk9vvn.com website and can not be downloaded. Also, a Cheat Sheet in the LMS environment and a dedicated laboratory will be available to the student for 180 days.
  10. Any cyber attack and attempt to disrupt the services by the user will be prosecuted and if a vulnerability is discovered from the systems of the unk9vvn.com website, the hunter can notify the website support and if the vulnerability is confirmed, suitable reward will be considered for the person.

Dedicated Laboratory

Awarding a Valid Certificate

170 Hours of Training

Course Highlights

  • This course is compiled and designed at the highest technical level that is valid in the world and is studied in master’s degrees, so all the topics of the course will be fully and comprehensively evaluated on a dedicated laboratory and it has been tried that all case scenarios be close to the real global vulnerabilities in order to strengthen the student methodology, which can be very important in the field of vulnerability discovery.
  • The purpose of designing these courses is to produce efficient human resources that can provide good technical power for products and defense security solutions for economic purposes, therefore standardization and completeness of the course has been one of our design sensitivities in compiling the course.

Operational Power

  • In this course you will learn all the web-based vulnerabilities that have been proposed and documented in the world. This learning is not just an academic introduction to vulnerabilities and techniques, but you will understand all the dimensions of a vulnerability and the latest published techniques in conferences and CTF competitions, and self practice them through a dedicated lab.
  • This creates a real operational power in the student to be strengthened along with the theoretical aspects of operational dimensions and to progress in detecting vulnerabilities both in the form of BlackBox and WhiteBox and GreyBox.
  • Among these capabilities, we can mention the reverse engineering power of Android and iOS applications, which have been provided to the expert in the form of Decompile. And by checking the codes, the person should identify the control values of authentication or communication with API endpoints and test the vulnerabilities regarding the production of program requests, and if it is vulnerable, design an exploitation code for it.

Process Holding Course

  • The relevant course will be added to your user panel as soon as you purchase, and will show you the progress of the course. If you click on it, you will enter the dedicated LMS environment of that course, All the topics in Syllabus are organized in there.
  • The new user must study from the first stage of the course, because the other stages will be locked, so the student will proceed according to the correct process from the beginning, in each stage there is an instructional video that is available for viewing online. It will not be possible to download it in any way and no obligation will be given about it in the time of purchasing the course.
  • In addition to the instructional video, there are written materials as a Cheat Sheet that will help the student to easily perform the correct process of implementing the subject studied in the laboratory, at each stage of training vulnerabilities, an address based on the issue will be placed in the challenge laboratory so that the student is directed to the laboratory after learning and solves the relevant challenge.
  • All course contents will be provided to the student only through the unk9vvn.com website and will be available for 180 days. The student must pass all the topics of the course within 180 days, otherwise the course certificate will not be issued and the course will be incomplete, in this cases the duration of access to the course must be extended by a small amount of money and the student must complete his course.

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