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Mobile Penetration Testing

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This course will cover both Android and iOS operating systems and will address all core-level binary vulnerabilities and application-level vulnerabilities, some operating system-level vulnerabilities such as Use After Free that occur in different drivers. The data will be reviewed and evaluated, as well as how to operate and bypass the operating system defense mechanisms that are implemented on ARM processors. Other vulnerabilities that occur at the application level will also be addressed.

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How to Access: Online
Access Time: Unlimited
Course Level: Beginner + Intermediate + Advanced
Category: Offensive Security
  • Access to the LMS section is provided only with the Safe Exam Browser, which is only available on Windows, macOS, and iOS operating systems.


  • Windows 10 and 11 are preferred.
  • Windows 7 and 8.1 will also work.
  • Dual-core processor (2+ GHz).
  • 4+ GB of RAM.
  • Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge will also work.


  • OS X El Capitan
  • Dual-core 1.2 GHz Intel Core M processor.
  • 4+ GB of RAM.
  • Chrome, Firefox or Safari will also work.

Virtual LAB Exercises

  • Access to the online laboratory can be achieved with any browser and any operating system, and there are no obstacles in the laboratory section.

Access: Unlimited access until the course is completed from the time of registration.100%


Language: Training courses are designed in Persian and English.100%


Pace: Learning is guided and available anytime from 24 hours.100%


Virtual lab access: access is granted until practical challenges are solved.100%


Downloads: If you use scripts and similar things, they will be available for download.100%


Learning environment: access to LMS will be based on desktop, mobile and tablet browsers.100%


Guided Videos: A complete tutorial video is provided for each topic.100%


Platform Support: Our experts help via Whatsapp on working days.100%



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Dedicated Laboratory

Awarding a Valid Certificate

Unlimited Access

Course Highlights

  • This course has been developed and designed at the highest technical level that is valid in the world and is taught in the master’s degree, therefore all the topics of the course will be fully and comprehensively evaluated in a dedicated laboratory, and it has been tried to All the example scenarios should be close to the real world vulnerabilities in order to strengthen the student’s methodology, which can be very important in the discussion of vulnerability discovery.
  • The purpose of designing these courses is to produce an efficient human force that can provide good technical strength for defense security products and solutions in economic goals, for this purpose standardization and completeness of the course is one of our sensitivities in designing. And it has been the compilation of the course.

Operational Power

  • In this course, you will learn all the web vulnerabilities that have been raised and documented in the world, this learning is not just an academic introduction to vulnerabilities and their Fuzz techniques, but you will learn all the dimensions of an exploitation.
  • These dimensions include: Black Box and White Box discovery methods, as well as obfuscation methods in the face of defense mechanisms, advanced vulnerability exploitation methods, building an attack chain, and finally designing and writing exploitation code in the form of automation.
  • Among these capabilities, we can mention the reverse engineering power of Android and iOS applications, which have been provided to the expert in the form of Decompile. And by checking the codes, the person should identify the control values of authentication or communication with API endpoints and test the vulnerabilities regarding the production of program requests, and if it is vulnerable, design an exploitation code for it.

Process Holding

  • The course will be added to your user panel as soon as you purchase it, and the progress status of your course will always be intelligently informed, if you click on its option, you will enter the course’s dedicated LMS environment and all the headings listed in the Syllabus will be visible to you.
  • The new user should start learning from the first stage of the course, because the other stages will be locked, so the student will go through the stages from the beginning according to the correct process, and a training video will be provided to the user at each stage, which is It being available online for viewing, and it will not be possible to download the video in any way.
  • In addition to the educational video, there are also written materials that will help the student as a cheat sheet to easily implement the taught subject in the laboratory. Also, in each stage of the lessons, a link based on a practical challenge in the laboratory is placed so that the student, after learning the educational video, is directed to the laboratory part and practices the practical challenge of the learned subject.
  • All the contents of the course will be available to the student only through the unk9vvn.com website and 24/7 access will be available until the end of the course. The student must complete and pass all the topics of the course, otherwise the course certificate will not be issued.


  • Red team members
  • Vulnerability assessment experts
  • Network penetration testers
  • Security consultants
  • Developers
  • IT managers
  • System Architects
  • Software students
  1. Understand the basics of Network
  2. Understand the basics of Linux
  3. Understand JSON and XML languages
  4. Understand the Java language
  5. Understand the Kotlin language
  6. Understand the Swift language
  7. Understand the Smali language
  8. Understand the Python language


  1. Mobile App Taxonomy
  2. Mobile App Security Testing

General Vulnerabilities

  1. Mobile App Authentication Architectures
  2. Testing Network Communication
  3. Cryptography in Mobile Apps
  4. Testing Code Quality
  5. Tampering and Reverse Engineering

Android Vulnerabilities

  1. Platform Overview
  2. Android Basic Security Testing
  3. Data Storage on Android
  4. Android Cryptographic APIs
  5. Local Authentication on Android
  6. Android Network APIs
  7. Android Platform APIs
  8. Code Quality and Build Settings for Android Apps
  9. Tampering and Reverse Engineering on Android
  10. Android Anti-Reversing Defenses

iOS Vulnerabilities

  1. Platform Overview
  2. iOS Basic Security Testing
  3. Data Storage on iOS
  4. iOS Cryptographic APIs
  5. Local Authentication on iOS
  6. iOS Network APIs
  7. iOS Platform APIs
  8. Code Quality and Build Settings for iOS Apps
  9. Tampering and Reverse Engineering on iOS
  10. iOS Anti-Reversing Defenses
  • You can do an in-depth analysis of open source web applications codes without compiling.
  • You can detect logical vulnerabilities that many enterprise scanners cannot detect.
  • You can participate in programs called Bug Bounty and discover Critical level vulnerabilities.
  • You can provide web penetration testing services at the organizational and public levels.
  • Possibility of registration in installments.
  • Ability to visit educational content multiple times.
  • Designing CTF challenges for course users.
  • Granting a degree, if you get a score above 70.
  • 24/7 availability without restrictions.
  • Designing real world practical challenges.
  • Registering reports about the times of solving challenges.
  • Dedicated and special dashboard for practical laboratory.
  • Conducting written and ability tests automatically and online.
  • Participating in weekly counseling sessions on Discord.
  • The possibility of introducing the course to others and receiving a discount code of up to 20%.
  • Introducing the best people to companies active in the field of cybersecurity.
  • Comprehensiveness and completeness of the course, both in the video content and in the guide book.
  • Providing a smart Installer for installation of tools required for the course.
  • Receiving lifelong guidance from course professors in a private Telegram group.
  • Registration of user profiles forever and the possibility of verifying received documents online.
  • Accurate monitoring of students’ activities and their ranking according to the quality of passing the procedures.

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