Do Not Underestimate bug hunter

Bug Hunter

All over the world, in addition to using all security services and products, they always use vulnerability hunter plans, which has been very effective in raising the level of security of famous websites, so companies have started to operate. They run Bug Bounty programs, and these programs have motivated bug hunters to constantly search for vulnerabilities on popular platforms and websites in order to receive rewards and credibility.

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Any Problem can be Part of the Solution

The main cause of infiltration into an organization or web service is base code vulnerabilities, which are often hidden from view by scanning software and are not hunted, so the bonus program against bugs is a common program in the world. And large companies that are interested in using the potential of this program and increase their security as much as possible will always have an effective presence and welcome this program.

Bug culture in the face of vulnerability is a type of business that is created with the agreement of the hacker and the Internet service provider. And brings a win-win collaboration and game for each party, in the meantime, researchers have been formed who are interested in always participating in bug hunting programs and earn money this way.

Business and business equations are always prevalent in the field of scientific validation, and those who want to be successful in the cyber security labor market must do one of the components of validation, namely bug hunting, this validation shows the quality level of the researcher and causes It is possible for a researcher to introduce himself / herself as a level expert, so participating in prize programs against bugs is a double-edged sword game that both brings money and credits the researcher.

Offensive Solution

One of the solutions to increase the level of security in an organization is to fully simulate all methods of advanced level attacks on the relevant organization and using all the attack plans at each stage, the points of weakness or weakness in the mechanisms. Fully identify the defense and give the organization the power to counter a variety of anonymous techniques and gain access …

Defensive Solution

One of the constant needs of organizations is hunting and tracking cyber attacks, which includes two service plans called digital criminology and accident response, as well as water team services that can complement criminology and always with water team specialists in SOC centers. The purple team experts are always present and examine the advanced dimensions of the attacks …