We are a Cyber Security Group

About us

The Unk9vvN research team works under Oxin Imen Nikrad company and provides expert technical services in the field of cyber security. This is not only our work, but our passion for almost ten years, we have already been trusted by many clients, which include government companies and organizations.

Our birthday

Our research team was established at the beginning of 2013 by an experienced IT security specialist. As a result, this team has a management core that consists of technical people in the field of cyber security, the quality of services provided by us comes from a long-term presence in the cyber security industry, setting up this team for us is not just to establish a business, but passion. We also spend our free time on it. We participate in projects or supervise them so that the quality is at its highest level.

Our basic principle is to be honest with the client, so we only focus on providing services in which we have a lot of experience and are confident that the final work delivered to the client will meet his needs. For this reason, the existence of this company has been trusted by many well-known companies and organizations, such as international financial institutions, information technology, e-commerce, important infrastructures and government institutions, even for a short period of time.

Review of the scientific scope

One year after the beginning of the research work, the core of the team became its focus to investigate the scope of cyber science in different fields, from this it became a work to the extent of collecting nearly ten thousand research references, which finally strengthened the team’s research work.

Team Bbuilding

Since the discussion of team building in Iran is a very difficult thing from a cultural point of view, in this case, with many challenges and multiple selections, the core of the team is finally made up of talented and unknown young people who have many suitable factors to become a level researcher. And was formed.

Designing and Implementing the Roadmap

In the next step, the research team began to design professional roadmaps based on global standards, and after compiling very complete scientific roadmaps, in the next step, they began to implement the items mentioned in the roadmap. At the same time, he spent a lot of time on staffing and assimilating the research team, and finally the team has reached the first level of evolution in two cases of penetration testing and the red team.

In the field of cyber science, there are many cyber services that the hosts of internet businesses depend on, in addition, the cyber space is always growing and deepening its interactions, so it is necessary to carry out research activities on a continuous basis. to bring the highest level of security along with aggressive field research.

Three Years Later

We have a proven and real experience in criminology, penetration testing, red teaming as well as threat hunting and threat intelligence gathering, which enables our team to offer a complete range of cyber security services. . Our work history in each of the mentioned specializations is more than 5 years, the cyber security researchers in our red team have the power to discover the vulnerability of the lower level of the operating systems of the world, they are also familiar with all technical standards of MITER ATT&CK and implement with their own tools,

Our expertise has been developed to help CSIRT teams (Computer Security Incident Response Team) and our consultants are certified by IT security certifications, we can perform more realistic attack simulations as well as their detection, because we are trained in the methods and tools used by real attackers.


Afshin Fakhim

Afshin Fakhim

Founder and CEO

Since 2013, with the establishment of the Unk9vvN team, he has studied his academic degrees in the field of penetration testing, red team and digital criminology, and along with that, he is studying for his bachelor’s degree in the field of software engineering at Alborz University.

Eiliya Keshtkar

Eiliya Keshtkar

Chief Technology Officer

Since 2017, he has been a member of the Unk9vvN research team and studied academic degrees in the field of offensive security, and in addition to specialized studies, he is currently studying for his bachelor’s degree in ICT at Shamsipur State University.

Zahra Tayefi

Chief Operating Officer

Since 2018, she has been a member of the Unk9vvN research team and studied academic degrees in the field of offensive security, and in addition to specialized studies, she is currently studying for her bachelor’s degree in software engineering at Zanjan University.

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