Security Audit and Vulnerability Scans

In security review and vulnerability detection services, the services provided in order to secure software internally, incorrect configurations, intra-network communications and software prohibition code, all of which are implemented according to modern world methods and standard techniques. For example, the use of successful search engines in the world such as AFL and ASAN, which are very effective in detecting binary level vulnerabilities, as well as in the dimensions of web applications from their native search engines to detect black box vulnerabilities. And use the white box and will eventually make human assessments by its own experts.
  • We perform work security assessments from home settings (WfH). On the user / employee side, the system infrastructure check and configuration check can be done. In addition, applications used for conference calls, messaging, VPN clients, and other common applications used in the remote work scenario can be evaluated.
  • On the client side, we can test the security status of external infrastructures that are responsible for remote access, such as VPN servers.
  • In the security review, after passing the items mentioned in the security of the relevant program and system, instructions based on determining the approved policies and frameworks in terms of security should be compiled and documented based on customer service.
  • This can keep the development support team safe from dangerous level errors at all times and keep the important points in the development of their platforms well. Also, do not use the dangerous function in the wrong situations and reduce the risk to a minimum.

Cyber Security Review

Our team offers a multi-layered method for reviewing source code in a modular mechanism to ensure full application level coverage and quality correction. Review Application programs should always use this standard to secure their application, and once a complete and comprehensive review of all coded mechanisms and systems by a cybersecurity team, whether manually or with intelligent operations.

Code Security Check

Our innovative method of measuring source code for an application provides you with a comprehensive framework for identifying defects and security issues in source code. In the source code review method, we do not rely solely on automated source code auditing tools. We use a complete combination of automation as well as manual source code review to cover all vulnerable areas of the source code. This review will be done carefully and with the full mind of our experts according to the complete checklist.

Check the Security Settings

Configuration and build checks are done in software spaces such as operating systems, services (eg HTTP). We approve the security configuration based on criteria such as NIST, CIS and customer recommendations. We also run the software in different spaces in our laboratory and perform zero to one hundred tests in different situations.

IT Security Review

IT security review means examining the communications and protocols used during the creation of a network. Also, network-based services such as Active Directory and SMB Server, which if configured incorrectly can cause irreparable damage to the victim. Other materials studied include configuration and design of rules for routers and switches within the network, all of which must perform security checks.

Vulnerability Search

We follow the white box approach process to conduct source code security checks that focus on understanding how applications are built and ensuring that secure coding practices are followed throughout the software development lifecycle. Such an approach is a different contextual assessment that will be static analysis and I am looking for general vulnerability patterns. In addition, we will provide such reviews with practical guidance on security and case-specific design, platforms, and implementation technologies for each application.

Blue Teaming and Cyber Defense
Industrial Control Systems Security