Security Audit and Vulnerability Scans

In terms of security review and vulnerability discovery, services are provided that are used in order to secure the internal security of software, incorrect configurations, intro-network transactions, and software ban code checks. All these services will be implemented according to modern methods and standard techniques, for example, successful search engines like AFL and ASAN will be used to discover binary level vulnerabilities, as well as native search engines for web applications. Black box and white box vulnerability detection will be used, and human evaluations will be done by expert experts.
  • We carry out work security assessments from home (WfH) settings. System infrastructure check and configuration check can be done on user/employee side. Additionally, applications used for conference calls, messaging, VPN clients, and other common applications used in remote work scenarios can be evaluated.
  • On the client side, we can test the security status of external infrastructure responsible for remote access, such as VPN servers.
  • One of the standard items in the production of a software product is the process of security and inspection of programmers’ development codes, which should be thoroughly reviewed by professional teams in order to minimize the risk of advanced and new vulnerabilities.
  • This review is in line with the correct functioning of code standardization and tries to fix and solve if weaknesses are observed in the security process, the quality of algorithms, their up-to-lateness and design logic are always among the main indicators of this evaluation.
  • After passing the things mentioned in the matter of securing the program and the related system, instructions for determining the approved policies and frameworks in terms of security based on customer service should be developed and documented.
  • This can keep the development support team safe from making dangerous level errors and follow the important points in the development of their platforms. Also, it does not use dangerous functions in wrong situations and minimizes the risk.
  • The security checklist can be considered as one of the most important parts of security review and vulnerability discovery, because it is the road map of the implementation process of these services and makes the relevant experts have the necessary confidence in the accuracy of the test.
  • The security checklist is updated every year and includes all the new techniques and vulnerabilities that are raised in world conferences, and the way it works and compiles depends on the accuracy of opinion and successful experience.

Cyber Security Review

Our team provides a multi-layered approach to source code review in a modular mechanism to ensure full application-level coverage and quality improvement. Production programs should use this standard to secure their program, and once a cybersecurity team manually or with intelligent operations, all the mechanisms and coded systems should be fully checked.

Code Security Check

Our innovative approach to measuring an application’s source code provides a comprehensive framework for identifying defects and security issues in the source code. At Source Code Review, we don’t just rely on automated source code audit tools. We use a complete combination of automation as well as manual source code review to cover all vulnerable areas of the source code. This review will be done carefully and with the presence of a complete mind by our experts and according to a checklist.

Check Security Settings

Configuration checks and build checks are performed in software spaces such as operating systems, services (eg HTTP). We validate security-related configuration based on criteria such as NIST, CIS and customer recommendations. Also, we launch the related software in different spaces in our own laboratory and check it from zero to hundred in different conditions.

IT Security Review

IT security review means to review the communications and protocols used during the creation of a network. Also, services that operate on the network, such as Active Directory and SMB Server, can cause irreparable damage to the victim if they are configured incorrectly. Among the other materials to be reviewed is the configuration and design of rules for routers and switches in the network, all of which must perform security checks.

Vulnerability Search

We follow a white box approach process to conduct source code security reviews and focus on software development with an understanding of how applications are built and ensuring that secure coding practices are followed throughout the lifecycle. Such an assessment approach is a different context that will be static analysis and look for general vulnerability patterns. In addition, we will combine such reviews with practical security tips, and we will have different platforms and implementation technologies in each program.

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